At this time of year we start to see the typical seasonal changes come into effect: the days are starting to get longer, the temperature is starting to rise, and a plethora of cringey election videos have been released, featuring shockingly awful musical covers, unnervingly unfunny inside jokes, and just too many white people dancing.

Luckily I have such a sense of self hatred and an utter lack of enthusiasm for doing anything constructive, I have trawled the dark bowels of student internet to find the best (the right word?) election videos.

First up is imperial home grown Mala and, oh my god, I genuinely thought I was going to eat my fists, just in order to have something to help me to ignore the utter gut wrenching cringiness of her video for entz (translates to entertainment) chair.

As soon as you see she’s wearing a pig onezie and crying over bacon in Sainsbury’s you have to get up from your desk and question what you’ve done with your life.

Saying that, the fictitious candidate video for DP ENIS candidate Don Ma is hilarious, proving the problem of poorly made campaign videos is not Imperial specific.

In fact, the next few are also pretty grim, and are sourced from other institutions up and down the country.

Last year we saw Irish Brian from Lincoln University made his election campaign video to the tune of Royals but Lorde.

I don’t know if he knows that there’s no remote sense of tune in his singing but I like to imagine he was raised in an Amish community that constantly just encouraged him and never told him the truth about his tuneless abilities.

Saying that, we are obsessed with this video in the office and can’t stop playing it on our office television. We love you Irish Brian.

This video also got him elected for another term, so although it may not be the most tuneful of tributes, it was certainly still effective.

Continuing on the Irish theme, Tommy Bolger’s campaign for the presidency the University of Limerick features him ripping of the Wolf of Wall Street. To be honest I can’t really fault it; however it does contain an unexplained video of three Irish lads racing on donkeys.

Then we actually have something half decent: from royal Holloway, Jason was been running for co-sports president or something like that. It features a pretty well made Thrift shop parody, but I can’t help but feel the amount of money that was required to make the video would be more than his entire sabbatical pay. Fuck Jason’s poor financing.

Finally the cringe-diabetes inducing video of Leeds student Rachel Holland. Uptown Funk but with her and all her white friends dancing with fedoras on. I can’t deal with it at all.

If you can stand all of it then you have such high levels of tolerance maybe you could stand for president one day too, and maybe even make your own video.

Don’t forget, we will be grilling our own candidates tonight on ICTV. It is all kicking off at 7pm, and you can watch it all here: