Knowing that someone likes to cook makes picking a Christmas gift a lot easier for you. Felix came here with a list of our 10 picks – hopefully, Santa will see this and will know which one you would like to see under that Christmas tree.

  1. Chef’s knife – This says it all. You can never have enough knives and you always can get a better one.
  2. American seafood by Barton Seaver – because seafood is always nice, but oh so difficult to cook and this seems like a good starting reference
  3. Wok – To improve their Asian cooking skills.
  4. Coffeemaker – Ok, this is a good gift for anyone, not just for people who love cooking. You don’t have to get something expensive, just something that feels right and that you would use.
  5. Jamie Oliver’s cookery books – for anyone who wishes to start cooking but just doesn’t know where to start from, they are a really good start. A lot of the recipes are healthy – or, at least, healthier than Buzzfeed.
  6. A good mix of herbs – just, because, eventually, you will end up enjoying them too.
  7. Garden in a can – maybe this is just me, because I am a biologist, but the idea of growing my own herbs sounds amazing! And will probably save a lot of money, in the long run, too.
  8. Better Baking by Genevieve Ko – Baking. But better. Enough said.
  9. Cheese knives – for all the fancy eaters out there who think that cheese fondue is a must (which it obviously is, duh)
  10. Brewing kit – Especially if they are studying chemistry or are just very hipster.