To be clear, this is not an advertisement for any company out there. But this year I felt very nostalgic and I decided that I should revive the childhood years when I used to get advent calendars. Should I mention that I also used to eat them in one day? Maximum two, if I really felt like I should wait until Christmas.

Anyway, I wanted to get one this year too so on December 1st I started looking for them – although I’d seen them popping in shops quite a bit earlier.

I must admit that I am really impressed by the diversity of advent calendars in the UK – from the ones that are dedicated to makeup to those that have fancy drinks. And yet the best ones are the classic ones that have bits of chocolate. To rule them all, Lindt does a calendar that gives you a full chocolate reindeer to eat on Christmas day. But there’s also a Haribo one for those who might not like chocolate as much. And there’s a Milka one which is soooo deliciously sweet.

I was not that impressed by the Cadbury one, and I haven’t tried the Kinder one yet, but the time will come. Yes, I already finished four of them and still have some waiting for me. And every time I felt like a little kid again – I must admit, I might repeat this tradition again.

Now go and treat yourself to a chocolate reindeer. Don’t wait until Christmas.