The Kent Falcons were our first game this season, all the way back on the 6th of November. As memory serves, we lost that game in a narrow overtime loss. The team have come far since then, and we showed it this Sunday. The Falcons (no Super Bowl relation) were quickly given the ball after an unsuccessful Imperial Immortals’ drive lead to a score for the Falcons. There were evidently some nerves over the new offensive playbook. The hollow bones of the Falcons were then shaken by monstrous runs by Jason ‘Book your hospital bed’ Patrick Kuilan who won ONLY Offensive MVP, even with the absolutely savage hits on defence where he also plays line-backer. He scored the first touchdown with a bone-shattering run that unfortunately left an injured Falcon in his wake, the Imperial Immortals wish the Falcon a speedy recovery. A two-point conversion was scored with a leaping catch by Aaron ‘don’t knock it ‘til you try it’ Wilson. Aaron went on to make quite a few catches both on offence, defence and Metric (one catch was the touchdown that won us the game), so his plays made him deserving of the honour of overall MVP. This was a joint award given to Lukas ‘40 yard crawl’ Hanns for his plays on both offence and defence that included an excellently-executed reverse play that had him strolling toward the end zone.

Unfortunately he was hit out of bounds within ten yards but a short pass gave Aaron the touchdown. Defence was as stellar as always with Teddy Tal-e-on-ping-pong (Defensive MVP) leading them to an almost perfect game. A new face on defence was Dan ‘not in my swamp’ Grumberg (Line MVP) who ate up the Falcons’ runs all day. Special teams can be personified by one play of Markus ‘My pres’ Mohr (Special team MVP), when he bulldozed the unsuspecting kick returner leaving the Falcon spread-eagled (pun fully-intended) on the floor looking up to Markus who was standing above him with a pose that clearly stated: “Don’t step to me, fam”. It ain’t pretty, this home of ours. It could even be the long lost third Heathrow runway, but one thing is for sure, it’s ours; our home. Currently the Immortals are UNDEFEATED at #FortHarlington, and we will look to stay that way going into our game next week, against top-of-the-league Cambridge Pythons, who we lost narrowly against last week. We are looking for players and chain crew; the latter will pay the handsome sum of £10 to come along, watch the game and support the referees (and Immortals). Please do get in touch:

#HustleHitNeverQuit #BecomeImmortal