Fun fact: we originally had big plans for issue 1666. We were gonna do a ‘pagan issue’ dedicated to religion, with a graphic illustration of the Devil splashed across the front cover. But then in April, May announced a snap general election and we were like ‘God damn’. We forfeited the pagan issue for a GE2017 issue, because if WE don’t get political who is?

There’s only a week left until the General Election. If you haven’t given up all hope and aren’t tired yet of being made to exercise your democratic right, well you’re gonna love this issue. We’re talking idiot’s guide and manifesto analysis, we’re talking comment and NHS, we’re talking Imperial poll results, we’re talking bingo. Seriously, you’re in for a treat.

And even if you’re sick and tired of democracy, maybe flicking through issue 1666 will motivate yo ass to roll off the sofa and down to the polling station and cast your vote.

Us younger voters are often perceived as complacent, or indifferent, or resigned (and quite often all three). These are the attributes that seem to be summoned by our disappointed forefathers to explain the low voting rates amongst their offspring in recent years. Yet this latest general election has acted like a call to arms. On the 22nd of May, the last possible day for registration, almost a quarter of a million under-25s registered.

Now, just over a week later and a week before the 8th of June, the latest YouGov poll is predicting a hung parliament – a parliament wherein no single party has achieved majority – which would be an unexpected blow to May and the Conservative party.

The poll has come under scrutiny, as YouGov employed a new questionable methodology to arrive to these results, but the reality is that until the very last vote has been cast and accounted for, everything is up in the air.

Regardless of my political beliefs, I want to say that it doesn’t matter whether you’ll vote Conservative, Labour, LibDem, Green, Ukip or Women’s Equality Party. It might not even matter whether you decide to vote at all (despite the centrefold urging you to). As long as you read up and make an educated decision. As long as you make your voice heard. As long as you’re not just giving up your rights.

So read up and above all, enjoy.