This issue is quite clearly dedicated to food. Whether you eat it, throw it up, get high on it, or get down and dirty with it (hey, we don’t judge) food is a fundamental part of the human existence. We carefully selected this week to talk about food, because Eating Disorder Awareness Week is coming up. Now if you’re clued up you might say “But isn’t EDAW at the end of February? Is this a miscalculation? It feels like a miscalculation. Lef, you literally have one job.”

Although my instinctive reply to such vicious accusations would be something along the lines of “SHUT UP”, the honest cough truth cough is that we wanted to get you thinking about food in advance of EDAW, so that when your newsfeed starts overflowing with Guardian think-pieces on society’s relationship with food in a few weeks’ time, you can revel in smugness. Yes. This was totally intentional. Yup.

In all fairness, given the recent political climate, what with May and Trump holding hands and all that, we did consider (and certainly had the opportunity of) continuing along the themes of political awareness and resistance, postponing some of the food heavy content that’s featured this week. However, we have to admit that the political situation will remain volatile for the foreseeable future. These are themes that will permeate most coming issues, one way or another, and this will be mirrored in the articles you read in the paper.

But enough about politics for the moment (back to the streets on Saturday). This paper is about food. Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotion. You will experience hunger, you will feel disgust, you will try and suppress sexual arousal, you will feel disgust again, and then feel hungry and then confused and by the end of this issue you will find yourself questioning everything you ever thought you thought you knew you thought (has your mind exploded with anticipation yet? And by mind I mean pants).

So please, dig in. Take your seat at the table, roll your sleeves up and don’t get up unless it’s for seconds. Bon appetit.