Blue Monday, alternatively known as the most depressing day of the year, came and went this week (Blue like hands without gloves flaunted at passing strangers on the street. Wait what?). By now you’ve come to terms with the fact that you probably spent way too much money over Christmas. You’ve also been spending a disproportionate amount of time in bed, barricading yourself with every piece of spare linen you can get your hands on, trying to stave off the cold that Snowmageddon has brought. You’re also involuntarily taking part in dry January, because you caught a nasty bug and are on antibiotics, while at the same time praying that it’s not some untreatable superbug you’ve got and that dem sweet meds are actually working.

You successfully emerged from the worst Monday blues of the year only to be met with Theresa May, the UK’s new iron lady, making chilling claims about the single market, the hard Brexit, and the Library Cafe. (Wait no. I think I dreamt that last bit. I mean that would explain how nobody seemed to care that I was being served a jacket potato with chilli con carne and cheese by the Iron lady in her tighty whities.)

And if you’ve made it thus far, prepare for the event of the year (so far) – Donald Trump’s marriage to America during the 45th presidential inauguration in Washington.

But wait. All is not wrong with the world. For starters kittens and puppies are still a thing. Also, it looks the Central Library will be getting some air con! And sure you might not be getting a cool study space to revise, despair, and meltdown till at least September but if humanity survives till then, at least the Central Library will be cool and breezy. Though if let’s say £13m have so far failed to fix the library’s thermal regulation, we can’t say we’re particularly optimistic that another £13.5m will. Maybe we shouldn’t be so jaded though. I mean it was Kim Kardashian who said “Hope dies last. Unless you’re out of lipgloss. Then there is no hope.” Or maybe I also dreamt that.