Finally, the last issue (of term). I have been waiting for this moment for too long. While I’m going to miss putting together this wonderful publication for the next few weeks, I’ll be honest with you, I’m super excited to lay back and relax, maybe get a massage, definitely re-balance my sleep and my diet, and just recharge, because at the moment I’m running on a near-empty gas tank you guys. I’m literally out of ideas.

It probably hasn’t helped that this week saw us putting together not only your (high) standard felix, but also an extra week’s worth of work, as we put together Phoenix, our annual (though sometimes termly depending on the mood and our finances) arts magazine. Next week you’ll be getting some of that arty sweetness instead of your typical content. Student prose, poetry, photography, and other fine arts coupled with some fine design and illustration, packaged up by yours truly to deliver a sweet arty punch right where you didn’t know you needed it.

Also we revamped our annual Sex Survey which we’re launching today hint-hint ( (I’m not even kidding)). Yes, much like many editors before me, I can’t wait to add to the wealth of knowledge on who’s doing what, with who, and where and why, to put it simply (if not eloquently). The more of you that do it (the survey, not the sex) the more we’ll know about how Imperial students do it (the sex not the survey). So, don’t be shy, log on and show us who’s really the boss in your inappropriately sexual relationship with your supervisor.

This is the last issue of term, so in an unprecedented move we’ve even got some content that won’t be relevant until next week! Our news and comment are literally so fresh they’re about to jump out of the paper and back… into… the sea? Does this analogy work? Are strawberries berries? Do I care? The answer to all these questions is the same.

So yeah, I’m keeping it short and sweet.

Enjoy your break. Lef out.