This is a very special editorial, a very special issue even. Partly because I started writing it after smacking my head on the cold, hard asphalt just past Kensington Gardens (I know it looks cool to have your flowy hair trailing behind you as you cycle, but don’t do it kids. Don’t cycle without a helmet like this idiot). But more importantly because it’s our first proper THICK issue, a good 48 pages long. Now I will be the first one to confess that my minor concussion may be partly why I decided to push for 48 pages rather than keep it to a comfortable 40, but the fact remains that this is the longest issue I have personally been responsible for putting together. I’m also completely aware of the fact that you have absolutely no interest in this but I also have a minor concussion which is why I will pat myself on the back thank you very much.

Now, as you might have noticed, I started writing this while waiting to be seen at A&E. I honestly really wish I had finished it then because, in the words of the doctor that flashed a flashlight in my pupils and asked me to follow his finger as he waved it in front of my confused face “Everything will hurt a lot more tomorrow”. And you know what kids? It’s almost like he could see the future. Long story short it hurts. A lot. Ouch.

Yet here we are once again, persevering for your entertainment.

This week we are running an issue on intersectionality. Because we love pushing our mental capacity to its limits, championing causes, trying to think of appropriate #content that will push the agenda without offending too many people.

Joking aside intersectionality is an important issue to address. Imperial is so very diverse. In this tiny bubble people of all religions, class, sexuality, genders, ages, and ability converge. It’s easy to look at all these elements individually and try tackling oppression on a case to case basis. However it’s only through the realisation that all oppression is linked – sexism, classism, homophobia, they’re the one and the same – that we can effectively tackle it.

Having said that, next term we’ll definitely be taking a break. I cannot keep this up you guys. So get ready for the potato issue, the watching paint dry issue, and the CBA issue. They will be great.

Until then enjoy. If the quality of the paper makes you want to cry, save it for next week’s sob-fest at Queen’s Lawn.

And remember, always wear a helmet. Even when you’re just walking. Even in bed. Always.