Another week, another quality paper. The holidays are fast approaching, and let me tell you I cannot wait. For a glorious three weeks I will not have to work like a madman and I can catch up on all the Westworld I’ve missed, and go through my inbox, print all my unread mail, put it in little envelopes, mail it to myself, act all surprised when I receive it, take it to the lounge in front of the fireplace and chuck it in the blazing flames.

Speaking of emails, the department of Life Sciences thought it was a good idea to remind everyone that sexual assault is bad – thanks, I guess.

In other news, all the Jailbreak teams should be on their way back by now. Some from the outskirts of London, others from whatever their intercontinental destinations were. They raised a lot of money which was good. But some spent a lot of money too, which was not so good. But, who am I to judge? The nicest thing I’ve done all year is share some of my celery with Jonathan Masters.

This week we tried to focus on disabilities. We wanted to put the spotlight on the community but sadly we didn’t manage to get the participation we were hoping for. We still have some strong features and we want to thank those of you who came forward and decided to share your stories with us. Talking openly about our experiences is the only way to really understand each other and appreciate where everyone is coming from. We hope these themes are taken as intended, as open invitations to continuing contribution, not one-offs.

So, enjoy and be brave. Two more weeks till the winter break.