The utimate showdown between Imperial Devils and UCL Yetis took place last Friday in Streatham. Continuous pressure put on UCL proved to be too much for them to handle, resulting in a crushing 10:3 victory for Imperial.

Like many games before, it proved to be a challenge, and victory had to be hard fought. In this case, however, “fought” was literal, as there were two altercations on the ice. We saw four players off to the penalty box at one time. The state of play did not suffer, despite the penalty, and by the end of the first period Imperial were leading 3:1. By the end of the 2nd period, the score was 6:1, with the final score at 10:3. However large the goal difference was, the game was hard fought and UCL were fighting till the very end.

Ice Varsity is not only about showing the brutality of ice hockey, but also the gentleness of figure skating, as shown by our figure skating ensemble “Angels”. Their performance during the first break between periods left spectators in awe, as they performed Waltz jumps and Salchows through the air. Proving that ice, a substance harder than concrete, can be used for other things than just bashing UCL. The 260 Imperial spectators attending the event wanting “…bread and circuses” were not disappointed. With plenty of food and beer provided at the rink, everyone was in a good cheer. Which would be proclaimed to UCL on several occasions through various chants. With Imperial Immortals (american football) being at the forefront, with the most ingenious and witty chirps.

“Two megaphones amplified the most out of tune, drunken, rendition of ‘God Save the Queen’ in history”

Usually players are meant to ignore the crowd, but it was made impossible after two megaphones were brought in by Imperial. Making it possible for the most out of tune, drunken, rendition of ‘God Save the Queen’ in history.

After the game finished, everyone either boarded the rented double-deckers to the union, or went to the after party at KOKO. Imperial Devils celebrated the victory at the union, with some overflowing with joy to such extent, they had to be taken home early.

Next year, Devils hope to defeat Yetis yet again. And hence will do their best to practice often and not disappoint when the time comes. So if you missed it out, don’t worry! Devils will play again in twelve months’ time, and it can get only better.