For unknown reasons, Easter is not my favourite holiday, and making food for it is not as pleasant as cooking for Christmas. So, Easter for me is more a holiday of sweets – especially Easter eggs. In my opinion, the only things that should be cooked during Easter have to have chocolate. Even if you have no idea what to make for Easter, you can always have everyday food and then impress everyone with some great chocolate detailing. I totally recommend getting some Easter eggs to share with your friends or, if you have some time, cook some simple chocolate cake – but more about that another time, really.

I am aware that there are hundreds of versions of chocolate eggs out there, but luckily for you, I’ve been testing the market for some years now and I have a pretty good idea about what is worth it and what is not.


Godiva Treasure Egg

This is my all-time favourite Easter egg with absolutely no doubt! I cannot imagine something better, simply because my favourite chocolate is Godiva chocolate. The egg is big enough to stockpile you with chocolate for almost a week, and when you finish it… there are more small chocolates inside waiting for you! And just in case you get bored by the Belgian milk chocolate, the inside pieces are different: while some of them will return you to your childhood, others will make you feel like you are a responsible adult at a fancy party.

Hotel Chocolate Ostrich Egg

Yes, the name does it justice! This chocolate egg is the size of an ostrich egg – to be fair, they claim this, and I haven’t checked, but it looks legit enough to me – and it’s delicious. I would like to say that it is as delicious as an ostrich egg, but…I cannot confirm, sorry. In case someone else wants to check, you are more than welcome to. Now, I normally eat a lot of chocolate – I mean A LOT of chocolate – but this is more than even I can handle. Especially because, this comes with more than just the egg – it also has 27 pieces of chocolate and some mini-eggs.

Venchi Nougatine Easter Egg

And the bronze goes to…. I am trying to create some suspense for nothing here as you’ve probably read the name already. This egg is 56% dark chocolate with crunchy caramelised hazelnuts. I think that the best bit about it is the advertising: “comes with a useful surprise for your car/house”. I seriously thought that it is the awesome tin that will provide a useful storage space – am I turning into grandma? But, it’s actually a keychain! Oops, sorry for ruining the surprise. Anyway, do not buy the egg for the keychain alone – the chocolate is absolutely amazing!

Fortnum and Mason Colossal Egg

I think that this egg’s name is slightly misleading as it is not a Colossal Egg, but rather a matrioshka egg that ends up with a colossal egg! And the best part about the five eggs is that they all have different tastes (I hope). So far I’ve been through milk chocolate and salted honeycomb, dark chocolate orange, and the white chocolate with strawberry and black pepper. Yes, all of them are absolutely great and yes, I am probably eating too much chocolate, but that white chocolate with strawberry and black pepper…. I hope that the remaining two eggs will be at least as good. If you want to have a decadent chocolate party with your best friends, this is the choice!


I know this is an unexpected member of this list, but I wanted to show you a super-quick and delicious way of recycling your leftover chocolate and I also wanted to show you that you can enjoy your favourite ingredient – chocolate – and your favourite pastime – alcohol – at the same time. And since this a chocolate themed issue, here we go!

You will need…

50 g chocolate (any cooking chocolate if fine, but I recommend using your favourite brand of chocolate) 1 tsp honey 25 ml crème de cacao 25 ml Baileys 50 ml vodka Ice

I know you know where this is going, but still…

  1. Pour the crème de cacao, the Baileys and vodka, some crushed ice into a cocktail shaker and shake.
  2. Strain into a glass
  3. Add the crushed chocolate on top – or, if you feel like experimenting, add in into the mixture.