After the ‘true’ CSM badminton team (in which only 2 out of 6 players were miners (GEOGRAPHERS)) won the trophy last year, this year, CSM surprisingly bothered to send their actual team (of course, a NO-MINER team) to London. However, neither waking up at 5.30am nor a 6-hour drive demolished their excellent racket skills and superb footwork.

Once again, CSM re-emphasized their dominance of the trophy.

Although the trophy is still out there waiting to be brought home, RSM did much better this year. Not only did we finally have our personalised team shirts on, but we also managed to win 2 matches, with the final score 8-2 to CSM. Despite the fact that RSM players were only paired up 2 weeks before, all three pairs fought extremely hard with good spirits and sportsmanship.

The RSM team, undoubtedly, enjoyed the short 45-min game (which was equivalent to the exercise of 3 normal RSM sessions) and displayed some fairly close games for spectators to enjoy. We all have faith that next year RSM Badminton will be crowned champions in Bottle Match and bring the trophy back!