This year’s netball Bottle Match proved to be a tough one. With CSM winning the coin toss, they took the first centre and the game began.

It soon became apparent that the CSM team had found last year’s scoreline a bit close for comfort, considering that they have held the netball trophy since netball became a Bottle Match sport a few years ago. With a team consisting of Exeter and Falmouth players, against our RSM-ers, our brave battle was no match.

The RSM team managed to sneak past the CSM-ers many times but a skillful GK on the part of the CSM scuppered chances at closing the score gap. This, along with an inhumanly accurate CSM GS, meant that the game was CSM dominated. With this being said, the goals that were scored by the RSM were met with wild cheers from the RSM support.

By the end of the match, CSM remained the victors of the Bottle Match and the Netball win eluded us for one more year. Despite this, the home crowd, homemade flags, banners, and of course those trusty megaphones kept the morale high and CSM-ers aware of the fight that the RSM were going to bring for the rest of the Bottle Match weekend.