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Philip Kent

Since 01/01/2010, Philip has written:
41 articles and 24 comments
Friday October 17, 2014

Imperial Professors win awards

Phil Kent reports

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Friday October 17, 2014

Leicester's paper censored by Union

Phil Kent reports

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Friday May 23, 2014

Oxford University Students Union disaffiliates from NUS in close result

Oxford University’s Students Union (OUSU), not to be confused with the Oxford Union, a debating society, narrowly voted to disaffiliate from the National Union of Students (NUS) in a referendum that concluded on Wednesday.

Friday March 21, 2014

New Head of Chemistry Department Appointed

In an email to Chemistry students sent on 19 March, Professor Alan Armstrong has been named as the new head of the Chemistry Department.

Friday May 17, 2013

Felix Drugs Survey

A look into the drug taking habits of students

Friday May 17, 2013

The next lot: an internship at Imperial

Students angered at auction by Westminster School for a one-week internship at Imperial College's Institute of Biomedical Engineering, set up without College's approval

Friday May 17, 2013

Summer Elections opens with re-election for Deputy President (Education)

Officer positions up for grabs, along with the chance of a full time Sabb

Thursday May 9, 2013

Dialogue over Acton

College stress they will continue to look for cheap, close accommodation Structural inspection of Evelyn Gardens and Garden Hall Garden removed from website with Paragon and Xenia remaining Working group of staff and students set up for Acton development


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