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Issue 1748
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Retraction: 'Imperial Students in Self-Isolation as Coronavirus Risk Grows'

Felix would like to issue a formal retraction regarding the 13th March article 'Imperial Students in Self-Isolation as Coronavirus Risk Grows.'


in Issue 1748

Within the article, it was initially stated that an alumnus attending a society afterparty had "reportedly already been tested for coronavirus, but had not yet heard back results."

We have now confirmed that those reports were false.

The alumnus was not aware that they had been exposed to COVID-19 and had not been tested at the time of attending the party. When they were subsequently tested and received a positive result, they immediately contacted those they had been in touch with - not "the next morning" as the original article stated - along with their hospital trust and Public Health England.

Felix and the Editor-in-Chief would like to offer sincere apologies to the alumnus in question, Dr. Poh Wang, for any distress the article in question has caused. We understand that the situation has been challenging and that students' reaction to our article has antagonised that.

The Editor would additionally like to offer a personal apology to Dr. Wang for the length of time it has taken for this retraction to be fully visible to students, due to technical issues on our websites and an individual oversight on the Editor's behalf.

Felix and Dr Wang continue to encourage students to remain calm and to be kind and understanding with anyone and everyone when it comes to the coronavirus (or anything else in life.) We would like to reiterate that the College has sent out emails saying that it is unacceptable to harass or proliferate the personal details of people who you know or think have coronavirus. Such actions are incredibly damaging to everyone involved, and make a very distressing time even worse for the unwell and their families.

We wish you all well in these troubling times.

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