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Issue 1754
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in Issue 1754

Black Ops Cold War - Nov 13
Activision (Xbox, PS, PC)

Zombies are back, and for the first time Modern Warfare and Black Ops exist in the same world. The beta seemed like a rough diamond, but will Cold War deliver on the hype? Only time will tell, although it looks promising so far.

Spider-Man Miles Morales - Nov 12
Insomniac Games (PS4, PS5)

One of the true PS5 reveal gems - the graphics look stunning, the storyline appears engaging and the fight scenes look well choreographed. Insomniac games might have delivered the game of the year.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla - Nov 10
Ubisoft (Xbox, PS, PC)

One of Ubisoft’s greatest titles. The nostalgia is what brings me back to the series, but it seems recently with new footage that the game engine renders the graphics from the 2004 era - what on earth were they thinking?!

Forza Horizon 4 - Nov 10
Turn 10 Studios (Xbox, PC)

Very few driving simulators match the authenticity and the range that Forza offers. One often argues about the duel between it and its Playstation alternative: Gran Turismo. Turn 10, however, pulled out the stops this time.

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