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Issue 1754
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Solutions & Leaderboard 06/11/2020


in Issue 1754


1. The Flots (58 Points)
2. Mr Puzzles (40 Points)
3. Cryptic Ed (10 points)

Send in a picture of your solutions and your entry to the cryptic clue writing competition by Tuesday 12pm to puzzles.felix@imperial.ac.uk to take part.

Clue Writing Competition

Your word is CONDIMENT!

Send in an original cryptic clue to puzzles.felix@imperial.ac.uk for a chance for it to be published in next week’s issue.

Czeus Easy Soln
Mild cZeus Solution
Czeus Medium Soln
Medium cZeus Solution
Czeus Hard Soln
Hot cZeus Solution
Sudoku Solution Easy
Easy Sudoku Solution
Sudoku Solution Medium
Medium Sudoku Solution
Sudoku Solution Hard
Hot Sudoku Solution
Gogen Solution
Concise Solution
Crossword Solution

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