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A History of Papal Goofs

Negafelix is up to all sorts of trouble in this article.


in Issue 1757

With the news of the official papal Instagram account liking a photo of a scantily clad Brazilian model still percolating here at Hangman, we thought we would dip into some other major papal social media slip ups down the years:

That time Pope Francis unfollowed the @transubstantiation TikTok account

The account which had carved out a niche making bread and wine glow up videos is a popular part of the Catholic internet and is an important way of teaching catholic doctrine to younger members of the Church. Each video would feature either bread or wine being turned into Jesus Christ in creative ways. The most common techniques used are extensive photoshopping, tricks of perspective and just putting sacramental bread into your mouth. Sources suggest the Pope is furious.

When Clement V was seen on Snapmaps in Avignon

Back in 1309 Clement V was meant to go to Rome having been elected Pope. He told friends that he couldn’t attend the annual Jerusalem lads holiday because of this previous commitment. However, sharp eyed observers spotted the distinctive papal headgear in Avignon in Southern France on Snapmaps. Cardinal Robert du Pont expressed disgust “His ex posted about going there a while ago. What a simp”

When Martin Luther dropped his ‘I’ve got 95 proclamations and the Pope is one’

The Wittenberg drill scene was electrified by MRTN LOOFer’s newest diss track, “I’ve got 95 problems and the Pope is one”. The track, which runs for 3 and a half hours, was described as having a solid and unique flow though the beat can become a bit samey.

When Paul VI changed the format of his ‘Mass’ vlogs

In 1965 Paul VI was a popular influencer and his “Mass” vlogs had brought him a lot of attention from viewers and advertisers. However, some felt that he could make more money if he spoke directly into the camera rather than facing away from it. He eventually adopted the new style which he called Novus Ordo. Although his vlogs still receive huge numbers of views, his original fans have accused him of selling out.

Remember Constantine I’s Instagram take over for Pope Sylvester at the Nicene council?

When Constantine I first discussed doing an Instagram takeover with Sylvester I, the Pope at the time, he was met with cautious encouragement. However, when the day finally came Constantine changed the bio to his new “Nicene creed”. The two men’s relationship never quite recovered.

That whole Crusade debacle

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that the first one was a right merry romp. But I think I speak for us all when I say the joke was wearing pretty thin toward the 7th or 9th. However, as Disney has recently acquired the rights to the franchise, we can expect to see some live action remakes pretty soon! I’m team Saladin!

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