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Issue 1757
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Inspiration of the week : Andre Henry

The weekly sustainability inspiration this week is Andre Henry's podcast


in Issue 1757

This recommendation may not fit with the traditional sustainability agenda, but this is exactly why it is im- portant. If you do not understand why racism and civil resistance are impor- tant to environmental justice, please have a quick google. I cannot overstate the importance of the intersectionality of environmentalism and movements for climate justice and environmental justice. So, I encourage you all to listen in and take notes from Andre Henry.

He has a fantastic podcast called the ‘Hope and Hard Pills podcast’, which has taught me so much about racism, whiteness, and resistance. One of my favourite episodes was on how to top-

ple a dictator in a non-violent way. He also has a mailing list you can sign up to receive a little civil resistance note every week, and a ‘hard pill’ needed for jus- tice. This week he sent us an inspiring quote from Kwame Ture: ‘When you see people call themselves revolution- ary always talking about destroying, destroying, destroying but never talk- ing about building or creating, they’re not revolutionary. They do not under- stand the first thing about revolution. It’s creating.’

If you learn from him, you should also support Andre’s work – the best way by becoming a patron of his Patre- on. 

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