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Cycling routes by ICCC

Sport editor Amanda Barden shares lockdown cycle routes for those of you keen to get on your bikes


in Issue 1758

Imperial College Cycling has provided us with routes to follow in and around London. The main park to cycle around London is Richmond Park. It is very easy to access and is a very good cycle for people of all levels. A little further north is Regent’s Park. It is a bit more difficult to get to and requires a bit of navigation around central London, but it is a good park to cycle around as the roads are wide and the area is flat. The next few cycles are not for beginners per se, these are routes for people who would want longer cycles and have got bored of London ones. The next five routes are much longer, all of these are starting from Richmond Park. For the first four, you can cycle there and then take the train back (as long as it’s not during rush hour), to make the ride more manageable, without missing out on the sights.

Esher Reservoirs Photo: ICCC
Esher Reservoirs is 23.18 miles (37.30km) long with 597 ft (181.9m) elevation gain.
Chertsey Photo: ICCC
Chertsey is a bit longer, being 28.11 miles (45.2km) long with 604 ft (184m) of elevation gain.

Box Hill Photo: ICCC
Box Hill is 45.88 miles (73.84km) long, and 2,458 ft (749.2m) of elevation gain.

Windsor Photo: ICCC
Windsor is 52.13 miles (83.9 km) long, and 1, 122ft (342m) of elevation gain.

A Longer Surrey Hills One Photo: ICCC
Surrey Hills is the longest, at 54.19 miles (87.2km) long and 2,948ft (909.5m) elevation gain.

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