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Issue 1763
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An Imperial lecturer used an n-word in a lecture

Editor in Chief Calum Drysdale reports on the use of an n-word by an Imperial lecturer


in Issue 1763

A lecturer in the Faculty of Natural sciences used an n-word when reading from an old paper.

The lecturer, on the development of anaesthetic covered at one point the two surgeries that were performed on a young black boy. While one was done without anaesthetic as was usual at the time, the other was with ether, a chemical that dulls the nervous system.  

Students attending expressed frustration at the lecturers use of the word, saying that it had no place in a syllabus that was meant to be covering the molecular mechanism of pain numbing.

Members of the course have complained to the Faculty who have responded by saying that they are looking into allegations. Other students, however, disagreed, concerned that the lecturer might lose their position and warned against making a big fuss.

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