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Issue 1765 (PDF)
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EDITORIAL: Stop abusive behaviour

Members of the Imperial community have been acting unacceptably, sending harassing and abusive messages to Zixiao. We condemn this strongly and completely.

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in Issue 1765

It has come to the attention of Felix that members of the Imperial College community have been sending controversial GSU president, Zixiao Wang harassing and abusive messages. This must cease immediately. Though we here at Felix believe strongly in the right of people to speak their mind and that the fewer the restrictions on what people can say the better and safer a society, we find the mindless abuse of a person brought to public attention by these pages disgraceful.

Zixiao is a member of the Imperial community just like the rest of us. His attitude towards the goings on in Xinjiang have no impact on this and so he is still deserving of the respect that you would give to any other friend or peer. In fact, he is worth even more consideration. It is not through abuse and denigration that people's minds are changed but through careful listening. A person will only change their mind if they feel that they have been convinced, shown the truth of a situation by a respected equal that took the time to understand their point of view rather than slinging pejoratives.

Deliberate cruelty is beneath all of you and those of you responsible (you know who you are) should be both ashamed and apologise to Zixiao for your actions.

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