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The Oversized Jewellery That Will Uplift Your Lockdown Outfits

The jewellery that will elevate your outfits and turn them from tear to wear!

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in Issue 1765

As you all know, lockdown is still not over and neither is our addiction to joggers and oversized hoodies - although maybe during the first and second lockdown some of us still had the devotion to put together some glam outfits. I think we can all agree that the third lockdown was a complete fashion killer. I, for one, can safely say that I have not touched any of my jeans since December, and honestly, it has been great. However, the comfortable sweats and loungewear should not go against our fashion instincts. One way of uplifting any cosy, stay-at-home outfit is with one magic word: jewellery. So in this week’s fashion article, I bring you – The jewellery that will elevate your outfits and turn them from tear to wear! 

Adding jewellery to your street-style outfit is so in at the moment. Most likely because this is the least we can do to salvage our glamour-less lockdown days. And since the outfit is oversized, then so should the jewellery. Wearing a delicate, golden necklace is not enough to make up for the fact that you haven’t gotten out of your hoodie for days. Instead, a pair of daring hoops, layered necklaces, and chunky rings will do. Hoops have been in fashion since anyone can remember, whether big or small, thick or thin, golden or silver, adding hoops to your lockdown outfit will make you look more put together and fashionable. I, for one, don't go a day without my golden hoops. Virtually all fashion brands like ASOS, Zara, and Boohoo have a wide range of hoops in their accessory section. However, if you want to up your game and get better quality, long-lasting hoops, Missoma is a semi-fine British jewellery brand that makes the perfect statement hoops!!

Next, for necklaces, I think it is safe to say that the “it necklace” that has been in fashion for quite a while now, the ‘best seller’ section of most jewellery stores are the Vivienne Westwood pendants. They are such a staple piece, that when layered with other necklaces and chokers, can really add the extra spice you need to elevate your whole outfit.

Last but not least – rings. The latest fashion rings that so many celebrities have been seen wearing, from Bella Hadid, to Dua Lipa to Instagram influencer Brittany Xavier are the La Manso rings, created by a young Spanish designer. At first, I was a bit sceptical about the trend as these rings are really out of the ordinary. They are chunky and colourful, enough to bring extra glam and extravagance to any outfit.

And there it is! It’s as easy as that, adding jewellery to your outfits will make you feel like a new person and will add that spark that everyone needs in lockdown. I would say that jewellery is a long-term investment, that will definitely up your fashion game. More than that, it’s also such a symbolic gift to give to your loved ones, something they will remember you by! So whether you want to treat yourself or your loved ones, I think jewellery is the way to go. 

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