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Issue 1774 (PDF)
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in Issue 1774

I read an interesting article the other day about why men are so psychologically immature. Before you write me an angry email, allow me to finish. The article suggested that modern men struggle to adopt the responsibilities and patterns of adulthood, leaving them lacking energy, motivation and wanting to return to the ease of childhood. While I would never suggest that this was the case for anyone at Imperial it got me thinking. Apparently, the cause of the problem was the lack of ritualistic ‘milestones’ that men could go through during which they symbolically shed their childhood self and emerge a man. Many cultures have historically had moments such as this and in the UK I suppose they have been replaced by purchasing a house and getting married, both far off to many current students. I wonder if graduation will provide such a moment. Unfortunately as still a lowly undergraduate I remain trapped in an immature state. 

Of course the main thing that should gained from this article is that I have been spending too much time ond misandrist internet forums.

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