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Issue 1774
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Quarantining Students Secure Special Support

Imperial College increases its financial support to students returning from red list countries, with even greater support to those who need it.

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in Issue 1774

Imperial College have increased the base rate of financial support offered to students returning from red list countries, who must stay in quarantine hotels upon their arrival. The decision leads to an increase from £500 per student to £625 per student. Students more heavily affected by the financial burden of quarantining are also encouraged to seek greater financial aid via the College’s Student Support Fund.

The move follows an update to the UK government’s quarantine hotel policy, where the cost of each room will increase from £1750 to £2250. This increase in price takes effect from 12th of August. Students who book their quarantine hotel before this date will remain eligible for the previously determined amount of £500.

This outcome was selected over an alternative that would have set the base rate of support to a substantially larger amount per student, in favour of offering a basic level of support to all students and providing targeted, total support to those who need it most.

Imperial College Union “fully support the College’s decision to increase the rebate in proportion to the increasing costs, to recognise the increasing financial burden on affected students and support them”. The Union also made clear that they “believe that there should be in place a robust process for need-based disbursal”.

Following conversations with the College, the Union have been assured that the Student Support Fund will be equipped to cover the costs of quarantine for any student who requires more than is offered in the basic rebate. “No student should be concerned about being pushed into financial precarity by the cost of Managed Quarantine”.

All financial support can only be claimed once a student has completed their quarantine and enrolled in their course. The College aims to fulfil all claims within 2 weeks of receiving a completed Rebate Expense Form.

All details relevant to students returning from red list countries, including the form to apply for financial support, can be found on the College’s website at https://www.imperial.ac.uk/study/campus-life/accommodation/covid-19/quarantine-hotels/

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