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The Valla Are Not Water Rats

Indie pop band The Valla take to Islington for a show that they should have been headlining.

The Valla Photo: Rosie Millns


in Issue 1793

I have promised friends to go and see The Valla live with them for longer than I dare admit. I am unsure why I delayed for so long – admittedly, I have gotten lazy at attending gigs recently. After seeing The Valla at Islington’s The Water Rats on Friday 28th January, I finally understood why those who have caught them live are so vocal in their praise of this band, and desperate to share this live experience with others.

The Valla has been around for about three years at this point, and has an EP and a handful of singles under their belt. The time they have spent together as a band is evident in their sets: the frontman addresses the crowd in an easy-going way that suggests years of experience, and the band performs with an infectiously high energy. One of the most enjoyable parts of their show is the chemistry between the band. Their friendship shines through their performance, and you can see just how much fun they are having on stage.

The Valla is still making a name for themselves, but that doesn’t mean that they do not have a loyal and enthusiastic fanbase. As soon as the band come on, the crowd surges forward, and are dancing and bouncing for the entirety of the set. Attendees are wearing t-shirts with the band’s name on them, and are singing every word of every song. I didn’t realise it was a support act until the end of their set – the band is definitely headline material.


Perhaps the band is following a tried–and–tested formula for success with their crowd–pleasing and catchy feel–good bops. You can imagine the band playing a packed–out tent in July of 2016 at Truck or Y–Not festival with the summery indie pop. If they keep releasing songs as catchy as ‘Ice Cream’, they are guaranteed to be played on Jack Saunders’ BBC Radio One Indie Show at some point soon.

If you are a fan of bands such as COIN, SPINN, Sea Girls, Ten Tonnes, Marsicians, Vistas, or just love some feel–good indie bangers, you should give The Valla a listen, and maybe catch one of their live sets in a small venue whilst you still can.

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