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What happened (18/02/22)

Prince Andrews settlement, the Ukraine crisis, mudslides in Rio and war crimes cases in Syria and Iran

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in Issue 1793

...in the world this week

Andrew settles out of court with Virginia Giuffre

Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre have agreed an out-of-court settlement over a civil case brought by Giuffre to an American court. Giuffre alleged that Andrew had sexualy assaulted her on three occasions, at three different locations around the world, when she was 17 years old. Andrew denies all allegations. The Telegraph reports that the settlement is for over £12 million, and that the Queen will help finance some of it. Andrew was a known associate of the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and a photo often accompanying articles on the Giuffre court case shows Andrew and Giuffre in the presence of Epstein’s convicted associate Ghislaine Maxwell.

Russia and Ukraine remain dangerously close to war

At the time of writing, Russia has not yet invaded Ukraine, however tensions between the two countries are at their highest after weeks of build-up. Russia has stationed as many as 130,000 troops, along with ample military equipment, along its border with Ukraine. President Putin has claimed he has no intention of invading Ukraine and has withdrawn some Russian troops from the border. This move has been decried by Ukraine and its allies as a faux-retreat, as withdrawals consist only of personel and redeployment would take only a matter of hours. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has voiced concern that Russia will conduct a ‘false flag’ event as an excuse to invade.

Severe mudslides leave at least 44 dead

Heavy rains have caused a spate of mudslides in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro state, leaving at least 44 people dead. There have been reports of search parties finding only items of clothing when looking for missing people. The same area experienced around 900 deaths due to heavy rainfall in 2011. The state’s governor said that the military have already been mobilised and that heavy machinery will be used to excavate the areas buried by the mudslides.

Human rights lawyers attempt to bring war crimes cases against Syrian and Iranian officials

In a historic first, human rights lawyers are launching a bid to bring Iranian and Syrian officials to the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes. Sunni Muslims who opposed the Assad regime and Iran-backed militia groups are among the victims of the alleged abuses, many of whom were forced to flee to neighbouring Jordan. The UN has been unable to make progress on the issue of crimes in Syria due to the possibility of a Russian veto hampering proceedings.

... in this issue's year (1793)


The Macartney Mission occurs, marking the first British diplomatic mission to China


The Tripolitanian civil war begins


The Cotiote war begins, fought between the Cotiote (modern day Kerala) king and the British East India Company


The Act Against Slavery is passed


The Reign of Terror begins. The First Republic is founded, followed by a series of bloody massacres and public executions

The United States

The cotton "gin" (engine) is invented by Eli Whitney, leading to a resurgence of slavery in the south of the USA

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