Samsung KN55S9C OLED TV

If you’ve ever thought that HD pictures were not enough, fear no more, the Samsung OLED TV that uses organic self-emitting pixels would blow your mind away this Christmas giving you the best quality, surpassing even the best LCD TVs. This TV doesn’t come cheap, expect to be paying an average price of nine grand, however if you consider the price per pixel it almost makes it worth it!


This little beauty beats your average shed, that’s for sure, if you fancy chilling in your garden this Christmas but want to keep warm in this cosy pod with its inbuilt fiberglass insulation you wont be disappointed. True, this is not exactly what I would call a ‘piece of tech’ but imagine setting up your gaming rig in here and playing Battlefield 4 on a winter’s night. The cozy atmosphere would just completely add to your skill

Marchi Mobile

Yes…this luxury truck/hippie van is more expensive than my home and your home put together. The Marchi Mobile vehicle has everything you need this Christmas all in one, with a master bedroom, fireplace, 40 inch TV and a huge living room to name a few. You could probably have your Christmas tree and presents and even throw your after party in this beast. This is pretty much the definition of travelling in style!

Tron Motorcycle

The TRON bike is one of those vehicles you’ll see on the street and ponder upon its street legality. This bike sure does look impressive despite not having the loud throaty roar of a Harley Davidson, due to its whisper quite technology. If you don’t like the sound of your internal combustion engine, this is probably the smoothest ride you can have this Christmas, especially with the TRON replica light illuminations to give you that night glow and make you look like you’ve literally shot out of the movie screens.

Batcave Movie Theatre

We all know how Bruce Wayne dines in style from his Stately Wayne Manor, but where does he watch movies? In his bat-cave of course, and now theatre designer Elite Home Theatre seating is offering the chance to share the same experience for a staggering $2 million but would sure be worth it if you have the spare cash this Christmas especially when it t’is the season… where the best movies come out on TV