iPhone 5S

Considering how much of an apple fan I am, I think this is a bit of an obvious one. At the moment I have an iPhone 5, and I don’t see the 5S as enough of an upgrade to pay out that much money. I mean sure the 64-bit processor and the fingerprint scanner are all really nice, but do I want to pay upward of £500 for it? I’d rather wait for the 6, and get some real improvement for my money. However if the dough was not an issue, I could easily imagine myself going for the new iPhone. Now, which colour? Should I go for the blingy gold?

Mat Charger

Sometimes I get really tired of chargers, with all the wires and plugs. Furthermore with our modern day smartphones, you need to charge your telephone everyday and/or bring chargers with you if you are a power use and want your phone to last the entire day. Therefore if I had unlimited cash, I would totally go for one of those charger mats. Basically you throw a case around your phone, plug in the mat, lay your phone on the mat and voila it will charge. This just seems the ultimate convenience for me, as it doesn’t look half bad and the concept is just so cool, how could I not consider it?

Hoodie with Earphones

A hoodie with built in earphones, that even exists, I hear you say? Yes, and it has been my dream to wear one of these for a long time now. Perfectly machine washable, I consider these jumpers the heigh of human invention. Imagine how stealthy you just plug one of those cords into your ear and listen to music. No one would suspect anything! Ok yes you would a bit weird, but well what the heck. However at £60-80, the price tag is a bit too much for what I get considering that I can only use these earphones for 3 (maybe 4) days max before they have to be washed, which means that 3 days out of the week I have no earphones.

Super Fast Internet

Right now I have a 30Mb connection for my home, which considering my needs is more than enough. However once I starting streaming 1440p youtube videos, downloading games on steam and trying to browse the internet on my iPad, sometime I do see that it gets a bit slow. However if I had too much money, I would totally go for the maximum, in fact I would probably would go for the business deals, which give you an insane amount of speed (which can go up to one 1Tb). With this I would never have to worry about downloading a movie on iTunes!


As a student I am kinda lazy. Yes its true once in a while I don’t vacuum my room, and to be really honest am do not feel very guilty about it. However if I had a Roomba, the handy cleaning robot, I would never have to worry about vacuuming. However at £200-300 for the best model, it is quite outside my rather meagre means. Yet every day I imagine, how great it would be to just kick back and see that little robot whizzing around. Now all I need is a robot that does my laundry as well, hmm….