I must start this article by giving credits to my Anonymous Kitchen Helpers: they are the ones who remade the puff-pastry last time, after ruining it. It’s always great having helping hands, even if sometimes they can be more of a hindrance.

But now I am not going to talk about my experiences cooking – I want to talk about my experiences eating out. Not going to Nandos – by eating out I mean just changing kitchens in halls and not being the head chef, but more like an assistant. It happens even to the best of us… but I am, ultimately, a student so, when food is offered to me, I cannot simply say no. Right? Some of my friends decided to make burgers, and I decided to trust them and have some faith that I wouldn’t die. And believe it or not, I had an extremely delicious dinner – with less effort than I would normally invest in a dinner – all I had to do was to fry some meat. Easy peasy!

  1. Find someone who is not afraid to fry meat, especially when all the oil starts spitting. Make them feel like they have to do it so everyone can survive the night and start them on frying the burgers on a high heat.

2.Make the sauce: mix the ketchup, the mayo and the Dijon mustard in a bowl; chop the onion in small pieces and add it in the mixture to taste – you can leave it out entirely. Chop the salad leaves into bite sized mouthfuls, and mix with the tomatoes Finish with the lemon juice and mix a bit more.

3.When the burgers are close to done, add the two slices of cheese on top of each patty and keep it in the pan for some two extra minutes or until the cheese is melted, but not for too long – you don’t want overcooked meat, right?

4.Build your burger. Add some tomato slices and maybe some extra salad or onion. Top up with the sauce and add the top slice of bun.

  1. Enjoy!

Yes, number five is actually a step: you definitely must relax and forget about all the student worries and enjoy an easy-to-make and almost-healthy meal.