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Horoscopes 06/11/2020


in Issue 1754

What up stars!!! Give us the deets on what's in store this week.

Aries: This week your selfesteem takes a further blow when you realise that your Tyler Durden is just your weird housemate.

Taurus: This week seems as good a week as any to get into the bond racket.

Gemini: This week if you liked breakout rooms, you’ll love Microsoft Teams’ breakdown rooms, made for existential crises and high-intensity choreography.

Cancer: This week you’re excited to have a threesome until you realise that it just means you’ll cry twice as hard after.

Leo: This week they come for you. - You’re not in, so they will attempt kidnapping tomorrow between 10am and 7pm.

Virgo: This week your sandwich maker breaks down after you forget to feed her for a few weeks.

Libra: This week the 27th Corbyn brother tries to induct you into his fragrance-based pyramid scheme.

Scorpio: This week you get two ribs put in to stop yourself from sucking your own dick.

Sagittarius: This weeks paper will be released next week.

Capricorn: This week your morning affirmations become dangerously letter-bomby.

Aquarius: This week the immortality promised by your haunted Aztec gold will be called into question when you are diagnosed with heart disease.

Pisces: This week’s national lockdown means you picked the wrong week to quit masturbating.

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