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Just Stop Oil back in South Kensington

Just Stop Oil Cromwell Road Photo: Just Stop Oil


in Issue 1832

Just Stop Oil (JSO) has ramped up its activities in South Kensington over the past week.

 Last Thursday, the Natural History Museum closed its titanosaur exhibit, after two JSO protestors covered the replica dinosaur in orange cornstarch. The museum has since confirmed the protest caused no long-term damage.

 On Tuesday, JSO activists were stopped and searched by police outside the Science Museum, as they handed out leaflets. The following day, 35 slow marchers were arrested on West Cromwell Road.

 JSO is demanding that the UK Government stop licensing all new oil, gas and coal projects. Leaked documents published in August revealed the group’s plans to bring London to a standstill over a six-week period ending on 19th November.

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